Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blog Interview with Flutterbies

Today's interview is with Katherine from Flutterbies - let's see what she has to say...

1. Tell me a little bit about your craft(s)
I work with beads, making jewellery, tiaras and other accessories. I love working with beads and wire, they have so many possibilities!

2. What inspired you to get started with this?
I've always loved craft - I love creating something that didn't exist before, and over the years have tried everything from silk painting to pyrography, but there's just something about the beauty of beads that made me keep coming back to them time after time.

3. What do you think about the level of British craft & design talent around at the moment?
I think it's just amazing! Every time I go to a craft fair or browse on the many internet sites promoting it I'm just wowed by the standard of work out there.

4. What are your hopes for 2010? Is there a specific goal you want to reach?
I'm doing a lot this year - I'm getting married (congratulations!!!), moving house and job, so as far as my craft goes I'm just trying to keep it going. My main aim is to get to a couple of craft fairs throughout the year and try and promote my jewellery that way.

5. Do you get out and about to craft fairs? What do you think to the general standard of fairs at the moment?
I do try to, they're a great way to meet other crafters and to talk to your customers face to face. The standard is amazing, as is the range of products you can buy!

6. What do you think is the best / worst / most unusual thing you have ever made?
I went through a phase where I made lots and lots of miniature purses. They're really really cute as ornamental items, but there's not a lot else to do with them... I still have a bag full at home as they don't sell that well, but I don't mind because they're just so pretty!

7. Which other designer makers work do you admire?
There are a number of shops on folksy that I just keep going back to because their work is so gorgeous. My favourites at the moment are Fleur des Perles and Driftwood Boat Builders, they're both really unusual shops selling things you don't see everyday.

8. Do you have any pets? If so what are they, and what are they called?
I have an adorable dog called Genie, and a ginger cat called Pippin, they mostly get on!

9. Do you listen to music when you're working, and if so, what kind of music do you like?
I love listening to music, mostly indie and soft rock, but when I'm crafting more often than not I listen to the talkie shows on the radio!

Thanks Katherine for answering my questions! Here's a small selections of Katherines jewellery which can be found in her Folksy Shop


  1. I love the miniature purse,
    pam x

  2. Wow lovely work!! I don't do beading but I'm always fascinated by beaded items! I think they are very pretty :)