Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New year!!

Happy New Year! It seem's like Christmas was ages ago - I've been back at work for nearly a whole week now!

I'm determined to stick to my New Years resolution of keeping his blog reasonably up to date, so I thought I'd better make a start.

My lovely wonderful hubby gave me some great new polymer clay tools & goodies for xmas, so I've been busy using my shiny new pasta machine and tools to make some new creations. As I love heart shapes, I've decided to make a collection of hearts for 2010. These are some of the first for this year.

White clay heart with pink & black swirls

 I'm really proud of this heart - I spent quite a while sanding it smooth so it didn't need varnish, as I wanted to give it a matt finish. The small swirly dots are raised to give the heart a really unusual bumpy appearance. It's currently for sale in my Folksy shop

This heart is a slightly more elongated shape

I love the combination of hot pink & black, so I was really tempted to keep this for myself, but I have so many pieces I can't bear to part with I don't have room for them all, so this one is also for sale on Folksy

This heart has also been sanded to a smooth finish, and polished to a soft satin shine. Polymer clay is a very tactile material, and I sometimes feel that this quality is lost a bit when varnish is used.

I have embedded the black & white swirls into this pendant, so it has a smooth appearance.

Stripey orange heart

This heart I have made using an dark yellow and dark pink Skinner blend with only a slight colour graduation. The stripey 'zipper' canes over the heart have been embedded for a smooth finish, although they do look to be raised in the photo - an optical illusion!!

I'm going to put this pendant onto a snake chain rather than a ribbon I think. It's not up for sale yet, but will be soon!

Anyway, that's all from me for now!

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  1. Love your new work Claire! The white heart with raised swirls is my fave. They are all very creative, looking forward to see what you make next.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - will definitely look into those places.

    See you soon, Charlotte x